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Fire Walk for Suffolk Mind



Sponsor someone taking part in the Firewalk 100 here.

Do you want to be part of the Firewalk 100 on Wednesday 26 February 2020 at Ufford Park Hotel in Woodbridge?

The East of England Co-op are hosting a firewalk to raise money for Suffolk Mind, but don’t panic they’re using specialists to do this – the person in charge, Scott has broken the Guinness World Record for the ‘Greatest fire walking distance’ twice!

How to register

Are you brave enough to be one of the 100 people taking part? If you are, please register by purchasing your place below. A registration fee of £25 is required to secure your place. After you’ve registered, you can set up your giving page by clicking here.

This is going to be a popular event so it’s being offered on a first come first served basis so don’t hesitate to register. 

The 11th Walk

Councillor James Finch, who is the Chairman of Suffolk County Council, has done 10 walks along The Stour Valley Path from Newmarket to Cattawade for Suffolk Mind. James has chosen Suffolk Mind as his Charity of the Year for 2019/2020. The firewalk will be his 11th walk. You can sponsor James here.

Important information

What is Fire Walking?

Fire Walking is the practice of walking barefoot on hot embers. The challenge is designed to help transform fears and encourage participants to do things they didn’t think possible.

Taking part in a Fire Walk will almost certainly show you that there is more to reality than you think and that the many limitations we experience are self-imposed.

What’s the best thing to wear on the night?

There are no special requirements regarding clothing, though casual, comfy clothing is best.

All you need to do is roll up the bottom of your trousers and shoes/tight/socks need to be easily  removed before the walk.

(You may want to bring a towel with you to wipe your feet after the event)

What does it feel like?

Opinions vary… A number of people don’t remember having any physical sensation at all during the experience – some say it was warm and some even say it was cold!? Afterwards, we are sure you will feel completely exhilarated!

What time does it start?

Registration opens at 5.30pm – Firewalk training starts at 6.30pm – Your Firewalk starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th February 2020 at Ufford Park Hotel in Woodbridge.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, participants need to be 12 years of age or older to take part in this challenge. (if under 18 they need to have a parent or guardian with them).


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