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CARES open course


For the first time, we are offering an open CARES session to the public. The course will be held over five days interactively (unfortunately, due to current restrictions, face-to-face training will not be possible at the moment). For further details about this course, contact [email protected]

20th January – Your Needs Met (1 day)

3rd February – Working effectively with the human brain – The APET Model (1 day)

11th February – Understanding the Mental Health Continuum & Effective Communication for Wellbeing (1 day)

24th February – Cycle of Addiction & Wellbeing & Ethical Conduct (1 day)

9th March – RIGGAR (1 day)

Please note, you will need to attend every session to receive a course completion certificate. 

What the course is about

We know that it is rare for somebody to present with a single issue – people are complex and present with a variety of overlapping needs. The distress caused by these unmet needs increases the risk to the mental health of all involved.

We also know that the demand on mental health services far outstrips current capacity, as well as the expertise of services supporting non-mental health needs. In other words, people providing vital support need to have a much greater knowledge and skill set to handle the complex demands they face every day.

To meet this need, CARES (Crisis Advice & Recovery – Enhanced Support) – training equips you with:

  • a comprehensive toolkit of practical skills.
  • the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge from the fields of mental health psychology, addictions counselling and social sciences.
  • the ability to face these increasing demands with complete confidence

This means a better outcome for the people you support – as well as a boost to your morale.

For more details about the CARES course, click here.

This course is absolutely brilliant and certainly the best training I have been on in years!


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