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Aubrey’s Swim in aid of Suffolk Mind

Aubrey is swimming 5km at the Olympic Pool in Stratford on Saturday 9th November for Suffolk Mind.

“I was a very poor swimmer as a young man, but after lessons in 2011, I completed a 2km breast stroke swim outdoors for MacMillan Cancer charity in aid of my Mum who past away in 2009 to this abhorrent disease. Ten years later – I have taken the decision (at the ‘tender’ age of 55) to set myself a new physical and mental challenge.

My initial plan was to push myself into completing a 3km swim (50% further than my last!) however there were no swim challenges of 3km so I have decided to challenge myself even further and am taking part in a 5km (equivalent to a half marathon on dry land) at the Olympic Pool in Stratford on 9th November 2019 in aid of Suffolk Mind – after checking my life insurance :).

Having had further technique lessons using the ‘shaw method’ of swimming, I am training hard in the pool and at the gym – at some mind numbingly early hours of the day (6am) 5 days a week. My training plan was written by my 2011 swimming instructor ensuring that I would be ‘swim ready’ within just 8 weeks – thus avoiding injury and illness (no pain no gain right). I’ll give it my best shot and would be over the moon just to achieve it. 

I have decided to choose Suffolk Mind as my charity as I have some of my best ‘time out’ whilst I’m swimming and use this as my time to completely switch off from all of life’s stresses, especially my mobile phone.  My wife also works for the charity and I see, through her, all of the good work that is carried out to support those struggling with their mental health, particularly in men where the statistics of suicide are so high. I’ve learnt a lot about it these last 12 months and have been shocked at some of the statistics.  Every little helps to continue the good work of Suffolk Mind so please dig deep! Thank you.”


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Messages from supporters

  1. Well done – what a marvellous thing to do x

    Wendy Turner

  2. Good luck moo! I know how hard you’ve worked to do this. So proud of you xxx

    Claire Hayward

  3. Great cause, best of luck x


  4. ?

    Yogesh Chandarana

  5. Good luck but don’t wear those budgie smugglers ? A great cause xxx

    Rachel Haldane

  6. Your/our initial beliefs on friendship & the difficulties men face in communicating and struggling with mental health and suicide I believe hold true – and your efforts here illustrate such. Very best of luck and much admiration.

    George BUSFIELD

  7. 5k swim is some big boy numbers!


  8. Good luck Aubrey. Mental health particularly in men is overlooked so a very worthy cause. Hope you will be ‘swim ready’!

    Debbie Matthews

  9. Well done Aubrey, great effort and a great cause! Lints

    Adam Linton

  10. From all of my 4 legged friends!

    Soffolk Fairy Godmother

  11. Wow – Good luck Aub. With you all the way…on dry land!

    Martyn Hayward

  12. Well done for all the training and good luck with the event – appropriate too since this challenge isn’t so much physical after all – it’s all really in the MIND !

    Mark Voller

  13. Good luck cuz – you’ll be brilliant….your steely determination will serve you well in this amazing challenge for such an important cause! Love and hugs x

    Denise Parkhouse

  14. Good luck Aub, a great cause ? Will be thinking of you ?

    Joanne Randall

  15. Good luck matey. I’m assuming this is an outdoor swim in the Alps somewhere, judging by your pic?


  16. Good luck Aubrey – let’s catch up over a coffee soon!

    Ashleigh Jones

  17. Good luck dude….Its a very noble thing you are doing here…
    you need a sponge boy on the day by chance?


  18. Good Luck Dude….Great and noble thing you are doing….if you need a sponge boy on the day let me know!


  19. There was a time you took care of my mental health…time has come to return the favour…Brussels is still mourning you 😉

    From Brussels

  20. Well done mate . Proud of you . I always look forward to our yearly lunch and giving back to the charities that need funding and help it means a great deal .

    John Birkins

  21. Wow-good luck mate

    Steve Crowhurst

  22. Good luck Aubrey! Swim like a fish! Phil

    Philip Tyson

  23. Go Aubrey!! We’ll be waiting to rub you down afterwards!!! (ok maybe we’ll just have celebration drink!)

    Charlotte & Colin

  24. Well done, lovely thing to do and lots of luck x

    Maggie Hawkins

  25. Go on Aub, a truly worthwhile cause. The male suicide stats really are shocking, anything that helps is fantastic. Good luck.

    Steve Lane

  26. Well done on raising money for this great cause. Hope all goes well and there are no jellyfish!

    Chris and Helen

  27. Good luck Aub. Well done supporting such a great organisation.

    Hilary Roach

  28. Good Luck Aubrey! ?

    Jackie Phillips

  29. Cool man, great cause. Stay away from the deep-end!


  30. Good luck Aub – worthy cause xx

    Carol Bones

  31. Best of luck Aubs! Be thinking of you and we’ll done. Willis Family xxx

    Jennie Willis

  32. Good luck cuz, it’s a great cause. Don’t forget your snorkel ?

    Carrie and Richard

  33. Good luck Aubrey. ?

    Love from the G-Unit xx

    Anna Gilbert

  34. Best of luck Aubrey, keep paddling!

    Luke Wilkinson

  35. Well done father! Very proud, great cause too. Beers on me after.

    Robbie Hayward

  36. Amazing thing to do, you’re an inspiration. Well done Aubrey x

    Liz Newman

  37. Well done Aubs. Would it be inappropriate to suggest you need your head examined!

    Colin & Tina G

  38. We’re all behind you mate! Smash it!


  39. From Karen and Ady from the Dove in Ipswich!!


  40. Well done Aub! and for a great cause xx

    Malcolm & Mandie

  41. Well done Aubrey xx

    Maggie Hawkins

  42. Well done Aubs


  43. Well done mate splendid effort

    Austen steers

  44. Well done aub

    Austen steers

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