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Annabelle Reid


Annabelle Reid will be taking part in a Fire Walk in aid of Suffolk Mind.

“As an incredibly anxious young person, I really value the importance of taking care of our own and each other’s mental health. I don’t believe there is a single person who isn’t effected by mental health issues in some way, whether it be our struggle or that of a family member or friend.

Suffolk Mind does an amazing job of not only encouraging people to be mentally healthy, but also just encouraging the conversation. Our young people have more channels of communication open to them now than ever before, but talking about what really matters is still a struggle for many. Raising awareness of mental health issues and sending out the message to children and adults that it’s ‘ok not to be ok’, is SO important and the reason that I am raising funds for this Suffolk Mind.

I’m firewalking mainly as a mum, but also a school wellbeing governor and an individual to raise awareness of the scope of the charity’s work and also to spread the message that not every day will be a good day, but that’s alright.

Suffolk Mind provide hugely valuable support and resources to individuals, workplaces and schools but this all comes at a cost. So, if you can sponsor me, for whatever amount you can spare, I’d be hugely grateful.”


Donate to Annabelle’s page by clicking on the ‘Sponsor Annabelle’ button below after choosing an amount. Return to this page to leave them a message of support later.


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Total Raised So Far: £270.00 of £200.00
Total Donors: 13
Campaign Start Date: 24th January 2020
Campaign End Date: 22nd March 2020

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Messages from supporters

  1. Well done Annabelle and good luck ❤️

    Val Ewing

  2. Well done AB, be brave now ……

    B n M xx

  3. Well done Mummy, we are super proud of you. Daddy, Ollie and Joshy. XXX

    Keiran Reid

  4. I have donated but didn’t leave a message. Just want to say good luck and we will be supporting you 100 per cent. Mum and Dad xx

    Wendy Compson

  5. Go smash it Ab. Hope you don’t damage your little trotters ?

    Emma Coles

  6. Good luck AB. Don’t burn your little trotters. Love you ? xx

    Emma Coles

  7. Thanks for the invitation to join you ,but you must know by now that In would trip and Bar B Q myself.

    Dad Compson

  8. Good luck you brave woman ? I want to hear all about it over coffee soon. Xxx

    Danielle You g

  9. Massive congratulations! Hope the feet have been up since last night! Loads of love from us all xxx

    Sarah Case

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