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Andrew West


Andrew from Gotelee Solicitors LLP is taking part in the Fire Walk for Suffolk Mind…

“As a firm, we have long been supporters of Suffolk Mind. Mental health is an issue that should be high on the agenda for every workplace – and Suffolk Mind are at the forefront when it comes to raising awareness and taking care of mental health in the county. In 2019, we rolled our Suffolk Mind’s “Your Needs Met” training to our staff, which has benefitted everyone involved in it. The value to us, as a business, when it comes to helping anyone who needs support or assistance because of their mental health is significant. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to try and give something back to this great organisation – it is going to take me completely out of my comfort zone, but I’m proud to be involved in this fundraiser. I just wish I had smaller feet – there’s possibly a bit too much surface area with my size 12’s!”


Donate to Andrew’s page by clicking on the ‘Back Andrew’ button below after choosing an amount. Return to this page to leave him a message of support later.


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Total Raised So Far: £1,640.00 of £500.00
Total Donors: 73
Campaign Start Date: 16th December 2019
Campaign End Date: 28th March 2020

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Messages from supporters

  1. Walk Forest, walk!!!!

    Phil Lake

  2. What a great way to raise money for an amazing charity Andrew! Looking forward to watching you undertake this challenge!

    Caroline Bellett

  3. Good luck Andrew

    Lucy Haste

  4. Not sure whether you or Max drew the shorter straw…. Although at least your challenge will be warmer! Good luck!

    Faye Howard

  5. still good luck Andrew!

    Lucy Haste

  6. Good luck!

    Fee Jackson

  7. That’s one way to keep your feet warm in February!

    Lesley Brett

  8. Fine cause; be fleet-footed!

    Max Harnden

  9. Good Luck!


  10. Good Luck “Big Boss Man”!! 😀


  11. I would like to see this! great work for a great organisation Andrew.

    Laura Read

  12. Hope you don’t get cold feet!

    Mike Collins

  13. Good Luck great way of rising money for a charity.

    Ian Farrant

  14. Best of luck Andrew. Do we get to see any photos?

    Elizabeth Arthey

  15. You’re a braver man than me! Good luck.

    Andrew Pike

  16. Such a worthy cause Andrew. Do we get to see any photos?

    Lisa Arthey

  17. Good luck Andrew

    Ian Fitch

  18. Well Done Andrew make sure you share the video

    Matthew Swan

  19. Enjoy

    Edward O’Rourke

  20. Good luck Andrew an excellent charity

    James Bolton

  21. Top tip – wear 4 pairs of asbestos socks.
    Good luck Andrew

    Matthew Boast

  22. Best of luck! I’ll join you on the coals next year…

    Sam Flower

  23. I bet you cry like a baby! Good Luck mate.

    Scott Earrey

  24. Good luck, Andrew!!

    Elizabeth Clazie

  25. Bet that’s the fastest you will ever have walked!

    Steve Cole

  26. Good luck Andrew keep your boots on and don’t stop!

    Tim Humpage

  27. Thought I’d see if you’d chicken out first 🙂
    Good work!


  28. Congratulations on having completed it!

    Juliet Gordon

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