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We want to make Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental wellbeing.

This means creating environments that enable people to get their physical and emotional needs met in healthy ways; a county in which trauma is identified and treated early, professionals are highly motivated, and people who use services feel that they are taken seriously.

Suffolk has seen a genuine and concerted effort to shift the conversation around mental health over the last year. At the heart of this has been the pioneering engagement process to develop a Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy for the future of Suffolk. The series of consultation events saw a broad range of organisations and individuals taking part in the conversation. 


As part of that conversation, Suffolk Mind wrote a policy paper ‘Transforming Mental Health Systems in Suffolk Towards a mentally healthy culture: a shared agreement & basic principles’.

The paper reflects the emotional needs and resources model which sits as the heart of Suffolk Mind’s approach to mental health, and how it can promote clear-thinking around policy and service development. The paper was well received across mental health systems and has strongly influenced thinking and conversation. If you would like to read the paper yourself, or reference it for your own work, you can download it for free here here.

Author: Kristina Brinkley
Posted on: 15th May 2019

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