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News Archive October 2018

Great Grandson of Ipswich World War One soldier to unveil 2,018 poppies during Armistice Day commemorations

The Great Grandson of a World War One soldier from Ipswich is unveiling 2,018 hand-crafted poppies at the place where his family name appears on the War Memorial, to commemorate the Centenary of Armistice Day.

Sam Clifford, the Great Grandson of Private Louis Clifford, and Suffolk Mind staff member, will be attending a ‘Healing Memories’ event at Quay Place in Ipswich from 10am on Monday 5th November.

The event is to support forces personnel, ex-forces, their families and friends by providing information about the services and help available to them. It’s part of a week of activities to commemorate the soldiers named on the memorial at Quay Place which hasn’t seen a remembrance service since St Mary at the Quay (the name of the renovated church) was closed 75 years ago.

Suffolk Mind will host a workshop to explore the symptoms of trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder, and other organisations like The Samaritans, The Royal British Legion and PTSD Resolution will be in attendance.

Sam said: “Having worked at Suffolk Mind for four years, it was so nice to discover that I had such a connection to the beautiful Quay Place and the overall history of Ipswich.

“I’m so excited to learn more about my Great Granddad’s life and I’m proud to be part of this event to honour him and many others whose lives have been affected by war.”

Louis Clifford is one of 22 soldiers named on the War Memorial located at the back of Quay Place. Each of the soldiers has been researched by volunteers over the past 18 months. Their stories will be on display at Quay Place throughout November.

A number of other events are being held at Quay Place in the lead up to 11th November 2018, 100 years since Armistice Day:

  • A Service of Dedication for the War Memorial, Monday 5th November, 7pm. An evening service to remember the 22 local soldiers on the St Mary at the Quay War Memorial for the first time in 75 years. The Service of Dedication will be led by the Bishop of Dunwich, with music by the Felixstowe Salvation Army Band. 
  • Poetry and Music Recital with Remembrance in Mind, Thursday 8th November, 7pm. A poetry and music recital with Remembrance in Mind including music from the talented musicians from The Royal Hospital School and poetry readings from poets of the Suffolk and Essex Poetry Societies.

Both of these events are free to attend.

Rebecca Herod, Deputy Manager of Quay Place said: “We’re really excited to hold these events, as it’s been 75 years since our local soldiers were commemorated at St Mary at the Quay. The 22 soldiers have stories which they are unable to tell and we have created memories to honour them”.

Author: Kristina Brinkley
Posted on: 30th October 2018

Suffolk Mind Chief Executive welcomes Budget announcement

The Chief Executive of Suffolk Mind has welcomed the announcement in today’s Budget that an extra £2bn a year will be put into mental health services. 

Jon Neal said: “All investment into mental health services is welcome, and what the Government is talking about here will certainly go some way to alleviating the demand on over-stretched crisis services.

“There are two things in particular that we would also like Government to look at, and they don’t have to cost much money.

“Firstly, we’d like to see more investment in prevention. This means working with employers and schools to create environments that are good for getting key emotional needs met. For example, making sure workers have time and space to get away from things and relax at certain points in the day. Or giving children freedom and autonomy to pursue learning and develop resiliene to equip them for demands and challenges of the modern workplace.

“Secondly, and more powerfully, we’d love Government to look at all initiatives across the public sector and consider whether they are likely to cause stress and anxiety through creating barriers to meeting emotional needs. For example, targets across the public sector, imposed from above, take away control and autonomy from people working in frontline services and can prevent them from thinking clearly about how best to provide a solution to the challenges they face.

“Investment is always welcome, but cultural change is free.”

Author: Kristina Brinkley
Posted on: 29th October 2018

Suffolk Mind launches new service to help those with Borderline Personality Disorder who are employed

Suffolk Mind has launched a new service specifically designed for people with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) who are in employment.

Waves for Workers is a short term pilot project and will focus on life skills designed to help each person positively manage their diagnosis, while maintaining their employment. It aims to provide a safe and supportive environment that will enable each individual to reach their own goals and learn how to meet their emotional needs.

Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health condition where your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours cause longstanding problems in your life. You may be easily overwhelmed by strong emotions such as distress, anxiety, anger or feelings of low self-esteem. You  might avoid people or feel a lack of emotional connection with others.

Kobe Borich, Service Development Manager said: “Suffolk Mind currently has a service called Waves, which is designed specifically for people with Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s a service we are very proud of because we see how it can help individuals get their emotional needs met and improve their wellbeing.

“We realised that people were unable to join Waves because they would work during the day, which is when the service runs. This is why we sought a small grant fund from National Mind to launch Waves for Workers in the evenings, to enable those who were missing out, to have the chance to access to the services they need.

“Sessions will focus on anxiety management, self-harm, understanding emotional needs, boundaries in the workplace and many more.”

A current Waves user said: “What I mainly struggled with would be physical stuff with people, I wanted a relationship but I couldn’t physically do it. As soon as someone complimented me I would freak out, if someone tried to hug me I couldn’t cope with it. Now, because of Waves I’ve learnt that there’s a lot more I need to deal with before getting to that point, I’m definitely in a better place”.

The five month course will launch in November at Quay Place in Ipswich. Places are limited. To self refer, or for more information email [email protected].

Author: Kristina Brinkley
Posted on: 24th October 2018

Suffolk Mind allotment project changes the life of volunteer

A project run by Suffolk Mind has changed the life of a volunteer who’s suffered from depression for the last nine years.  

Mike Bourne who’s 52, began volunteering for Suffolk Mind four years ago at one of its ecotherapy allotment projects which are based across the county. Since then, he’s gained more confidence, “I was just sitting at home 24 hours a day not doing anything but watching TV. One day I woke up and thought I need to get out and start doing something, so that’s when I joined the allotment project.

 “I joined as a volunteer because, as well as helping myself, I wanted to help others who are going through what I did. You meet friends, and learn how to grow things. From growing something from a little seed to putting it on your dinner plate is incredible; it’s a real achievement when you’ve looked after it for so long.

Mike continued, “The ecotherapy project is just fantastic and it’s changed my life completely. I now go out more, and am more confident in every way”.

Suffolk Mind has allotment projects in Hadleigh, Haverhill, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich. Each site offers people the opportunity to learn about gardening and contribute to the creation of a thriving growing space that benefits everyone. People can also make new friends and get support from other group members.

Sarah Manton-Roseblade, Ecotherapy Manager said: “Getting outdoors into the fresh air, gently increasing activity and working alongside others is great for your physical and mental wellbeing. It helps people to meet some of their emotional needs like feeling part of a community, achieving something new and having meaning and purpose in their life.

“At Suffolk Mind, we want to make Suffolk the best place in the world for taking about and taking care of mental health, and this project helps us to work towards achieving our mission”.

Suffolk Mind is currently looking for people to volunteer at each allotment project across Suffolk. For more details, email [email protected] or call 0300 111 6000.

Author: Kristina Brinkley
Posted on: 17th October 2018

Suffolk Mind launch new ‘Bake Off’ style fundraising event on World Mental Health Day

Suffolk Mind, has launched a new and exciting ‘Bake Off’ style fundraising event on World Mental Health Day (Wednesday 10th October 2018).

Inspired by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, we want to encourage people to stretch themselves and take on a new baking challenge, perhaps trying something a little more adventurous than normal, or something they haven’t baked before.

To get involved you just need a group of people – they can be experienced bakers, first time cake makers or enthusiastic tasters – to bake delicious treats. You then each download a score sheet which people can donate £1 (or however much they like) towards and then the bakes can be rated on taste, looks and creativity.

You can do it any time or day throughout the year – it doesn’t just need to be held on World Mental Health Day. We’re hoping events will raise awareness of the help available at Suffolk Mind, raise money to support our services and encourage people to think about their own wellbeing, over a slice of cake.

Marketing Co-ordinator, Ellie Dunn said: “We really want to get workplaces, schools families or friends involved in raising awareness of mental health, whilst having a little bit of fun along the way”.

“Being part of the Suffolk Mind Bake Off is good for mental wellbeing; helping people to meet their emotional needs. It offers you a sense of achievement, meaning and purpose as well as helping you to feel part of a community”.

One in four people will experience a mental health problem each year and Suffolk Mind works across the mental health continuum, offering help and support to everyone.

Ellie Dunn continued: “At Suffolk Mind our mission is to make Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental health, and without people fundraising for us, we won’t be able to achieve this.

“Money raised goes towards improving our services so more people across Suffolk and beyond can get the help and support they need.”

Author: Kristina Brinkley
Posted on: 10th October 2018

Suffolk Mind to recruit new volunteer trustees

Suffolk Mind is recruiting new trustee volunteers to govern the organisation and help make Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental health.

Suffolk Mind are currently diversifying and growing their income, making the most of the prestigious Heritage and Wellbeing Centre, Quay Place in Ipswich, and finding ways to enable as many people as possible, right across the county, to look after themselves and others around them.

A trustee at Suffolk Mind is responsible for the governance of the organisation, the delivery of safe and high quality services and keeping financial accounts, and safeguarding the assets of the charity.

Nigel Suckling, Chair of trustees said: “It’s an exciting time to join Suffolk Mind; we are looking for people who understand our ambition for the future and will be as excited as us about the potential we see ahead. Our Board is committed to ensuring that we stay at the forefront of best practice of strong and effective governance.

“No specific qualifications are required to be a trustee but you should have relevant expertise or experience which will enable you to make a positive contribution to the work of our board”.

During 2017-2018 Suffolk Mind delivered services to over 1100 people in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. The organisation works right across the continuum, from well being to ‘severe and enduring’ mental ill health, providing support and information for everyone.

A drop-in recruitment afternoon will be held between 3pm and 7pm on 11th October, for people to find out more about becoming a trustee at Suffolk Mind.

Author: Kristina Brinkley
Posted on: 3rd October 2018

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