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At Suffolk Mind, we offer a number of training courses for organisations to help reduce rising stress levels, tackle anxiety and address depression – making your workplace healthier and cutting sickness absence rates.

Your Needs Met

Our introductory training will help you understand your own wellbeing, and that of people around you – whether at work, home or in any other context. It will inspire you with practical ideas about making your workplace an environment that enables people to get their emotional needs met, leading to improved performance and healthier people.

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CARES (Crisis Advice & Recovery – Enhanced Support)

This training equips your staff with: a comprehensive toolkit of practical skills, the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge from the fields of mental health psychology, addictions counselling and social sciences and the ability to face these increasing demands with complete confidence.

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Effective Communication with Distressed People

This is a skills-based training course, providing your workforce with practical tools to help them communicate with people who are in distress.

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Mindful Breathing

During our 1 hour workshop your workforce will learn a powerful and practical breathing exercise, which increases awareness of and works with the mind-body system to lower stress.

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One-to-one coaching

Sometimes business leaders and employees benefit from one-to-one coaching interventions, particularly if they have been coping with challenges at home and in the workplace.

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One-to-one consultancy

If you are an employer who would like advice on the best way to support employees who may be suffering with mental health issues or, if you are seeking to reduce the impact of stress and mental ill health on your workforce but are unsure of how to start, contact us for one-to-one consultancy.

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Sleep Well, Work Well

This workshop helps to raise awareness of the importance of sleeping well and the impact that this can have on our daily life and is based on knowledge of up to date sleep research.

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Supporting Staff Mental Health for Managers

The knowledge and skills gained from attending this course give people the confidence they need to handle conversations around mental health.

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Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Building upon the expertise of Suffolk Mind’s nationally recognised Waves service, Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder will give your staff the knowledge and skills to enable them to address the overwhelming distress and stigma associated with this diagnosis.

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Understanding Psychosis & Schizophrenia

Using real life case studies and up-to-date clinical research, your staff will learn about the social causes and genetic risk factors for psychotic illness. They will also learn how it is medically treated and how people with the diagnosis can be supported to meet their emotional needs.

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Wellbeing Performance

Wellbeing Performance is an effective and focussed programme for embedding sustainable emotional wellbeing into your organisation and measuring individual and organisational impact and performance.

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