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Wellbeing Performance is an effective and focussed programme for embedding sustainable emotional wellbeing into your organisation and measuring individual and organisational impact and performance.

In partnership with you we will:

  • Increase and measure staff mental wellbeing to improve their performance.
  • Reduce absences, presentee-ism and boost solution focussed clear-thinking.
  • Increase the motivation and the loyalty that comes from employees feeling valued.

Over a minimum period of a year, we will measure the baseline of your staff’s mental wellbeing and report this quarterly. These reports will enable your Leadership Team to agree and monitor actions to improve the wellbeing and performance of your staff, both with individuals and across the whole organisation/system; and to evaluate the impact improved emotional wellbeing has on your bottom line.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Positive sustainable changes to the mental health and emotional wellbeing of your workforce.
  • Unique knowledge of how to secure increased wellbeing and performance in your staff.
  • Measurable improvements to employee performance and the financial results which follow.

There’s a five step process for delivering this programme:

Step 1: Emotional Needs Audit

The first Emotional Needs Audit, a 10 question electronic survey, is carried out with all staff, to measure the key emotional needs which must be met to secure emotional health and boost performance.

Step 2: Emotional Needs & Resources Training

Emotional Needs & Resources training is delivered to the Senior Leadership team (essential) and all managers/HR staff to give them:

  • an understanding of the programme model and how to manage personal wellbeing.
  • an awareness of how to spot risks to mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • the know how to find solutions to risks.

Step 3: On-going advice & support

Identified managers/staff can access advice and support by telephone, or email whenever they need:

  • to plan how they will support staff.
  • advice on acute mental health issues or any mental health related concern.
  • help preparing for challenging conversations.

Step 4: Wellbeing Performance Culture Training

Creating a Wellbeing Performance Culture training delivered to the Senior Leadership team, including HR, giving them an understanding of how to address areas of risk to mental health and any unmet emotional needs identified.

Step 5: Sustainable Wellbeing Recommendations

Sustainable Changes: Quarterly Emotional Needs Audits, carried out at 3, 6 and 9 months and presented to the Senior Leadership Team including HR; and then followed by facilitated action planning to improve mental wellbeing and performance and build on the success of your business.

For more information call 01284 338811 or email workplacewellbeing@suffolkmind.org.uk

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