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Research from Deloitte suggests the return on investment an employer gets from providing 1-2-1 counselling for staff who are unwell is 5:1 – which is pretty good. But to get a return of 8:1, you need to achieve genuine cultural change across the organisation. That means creating an environment in which everyone is enabled to get their emotional needs met in healthy ways.

Suffolk Mind’s Wellbeing Performance helps to create a healthy workplace culture which enables you and your colleagues to stay well and perform optimally.

How you will achieve this with Suffolk Mind:

  • Wellbeing Performance develops your organisation’s knowledge of emotional needs and what an emotionally healthy organisation looks like
  • With expert facilitation, you and your leadership team will learn how to put this knowledge into action in your workplace
  • Over time, this will result in positive, sustainable changes to the mental health & emotional wellbeing of the workforce, which in turn, result in the measurable improvements to employee performance and financial results which follow

In one instance, an organisation we worked with took steps to contact employees with unmet needs off the record, and the intervention led to the prevention of suicide.

There’s a five step process for delivering this programme:

Step 1: Emotional Needs Audit

Just as we have physical needs for food, drink and shelter, we also have emotional needs which must be satisfied to stay mentally healthy. Such as the need to feel secure in your life, stretched and challenged, and as if you have a meaning and purpose. The ENA measures how well these needs are met across your organisation.

Step 2: Communication & Engagement

Prior to emailing out the audit questionnaires, we’ll provide you with the posters, flyers, blog posts and/or stands you need to ensure your staff know what the programme involves, why they are being asked to complete the ENA and what happens with the information. We will also assist with communicating the results back to staff, following the Creating a Wellbeing Performance Culture workshop.

Step 3: Creating a Wellbeing Performance Culture workshop 

These two-hour sessions contain learning modules to develop the leadership team’s understanding of what emotionally healthy organisations look like, a presentation of your ENA results and a facilitated action-planning session. The workshop is designed to give you the information you need to build on the positives that emerge from the audit and target any negatives.

Step 4: Implementation

Following the Creating a Wellbeing Performance Culture workshop, there will be a period of 8-16 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your organisation, for the actions you created to happen and to have an impact. The next ENA will follow this period and capture the impact of your changes.

Step 5: Results

Alongside measuring how well your organisation and the departments and sub-groups within it are meeting their needs, we will also work with you to measure the results of our partnership. This could be sickness absence, staff turnover or productivity – whatever your goals are for this work.

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