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EARLY Minds (Emotional Awareness & Resilience Learnt Young) helps primary school children (from Year 1 upwards), their teachers, parents and carers understand their emotional needs and improve their wellbeing.

In afternoon sessions, ideally delivered over a period of a few months, our trainers tell the children stories about characters who are dealing with their emotional needs and how to get them met. They learn about the triggers for needs, skills in calming down and thinking clearly, and they are provided with colouring and drawing books to help embed the learning.

Each class is left with a resource box that contains props for helping teachers and children to consider their emotional needs throughout the school year and between storytelling sessions.

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EASY Minds

EASY Minds (Emotional Awareness and Support for Young people) communicates our Emotional Needs & Resources model to pupils and young people aged 11+.

Over five sessions (with different learning outcomes for the different age groups) young people will explore the needs we all have that must be met to stay well through the use of case studies, and the innate skills we’re born with that enable us to get our needs met. We also look in depth at the importance of sleep to mental wellbeing, as well as the teenage brain and social media.

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