An introduction to Suffolk Mind and mental health

Suffolk Mind provides support and information to help people manage their mental health and create meaningful lives. We all have a brain which means we all have mental health, just like physical health, and both of these need to be taken care of. But what do we actually mean by mental health and wellbeing?

While we might sometimes think about mental health in terms of conditions like depression, anxiety and more serious conditions, most professionals agree that our mental health is on a continuum, or a spectrum. Most of us will spend the greater part of our lives at the wellbeing end of that spectrum, while a few will experience serious mental ill health at the other end.

Wherever we are on the mental health continuum, it’s important to understand that stress is the crossover point. If we don’t address stress, it can give rise to low mood or trigger more serious conditions.

Our videos below give you an introduction to what we do at Suffolk Mind, further details about the mental health conntinuum and our approach to mental health.

If you’d like to see how else we can support you at Suffolk Mind, contact our Workplace Wellbeing team by emailing [email protected]

An introduction to Suffolk Mind

The Mental Health Continuum and our approach to mental health