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To help you stay well, we at Suffolk Mind use an ‘organising idea’ that we all have physical and emotional needs and a set of skills and resources that we’re born with to meet those needs. This is referred to as the Emotional Needs & Resources Model. We have 12 physical and emotional needs. Community is one of those needs.

We are social beings who need to belong to groups. When we don’t feel that we are part of groups our stress and anxiety levels can go up. Reducing social isolation lowers stress levels and the risk to mental and physical health. Community groups are also where we find out about other people’s points of view which can give us a richer take on the world. As a rule of thumb, the wider and richer our community groups are in their viewpoints, the healthier our view of reality is likely to be.

Recently, it may have been hard for you to be part of your groups. So as a first step to building confidence and motivation, perhaps you could make a list of activities you have enjoyed in the past. The memory of how we enjoyed an activity can give us enough confidence to take things further.

You could then search for local groups which are now running in person or online and attend one to see how you feel about being part of a community again.

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