Dementia Counselling - Waveney Service

Due to funding we are able to provide a new service for people living in the Waveney area of Suffolk and Norfolk. This is a pilot project and the funding enables us to offer the service at no cost for people living within the Waveney area who have dementia.  

Dementia counselling can help people to effectively manage the changes that a diagnosis of dementia may bring.   We offer a consistent, safe and confidential space to explore these changes and to make sense of what is happening to you.

All our counsellors are specially trained to work with those that live with dementia and also with those that care for them. 

If you are caring for someone living with the diagnosis, dementia counselling can also offer a safe place to talk freely about worries and concerns.  It can help you to explore any difficult decisions that may need to be made.

As part of the project we will be assessing the service and would hope that people will share with us their experiences of receiving dementia counselling.

Referrals can come from people living within the Waveney river valley area of Suffolk and Norfolk border.  If you are not sure please do call us on 0300 111 6000 to check.

To access the service click here to download a referral form or phone us on 0300 111 6000.


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