Peer Support Network (PSN)

PSN helps you feel better equipped for all your roles in work and life and is a great way of maintaining good mental health.

What is PSN?

PSN provides you a safe space to help you:

  • feel more satisfied with your life
  • strengthen your mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • become more resilient and better at coping with challenges
  • talk in confidence and be heard without judgement 
  • learn how to deal with difficult things in your life

PSN has enhanced my wellbeing and more importantly helped me to be responsible for my wellness in mind and body

What will I learn?

On a course you will learn about:

  • Your emotions - how to make them work for you
  • Your boundaries - how well they work and how to strengthen them
  • Your communication - how to make it more effective
  • Creating achievable goals for more of what you want
  • Taking better care of yourself, and others
  • Joining a network for support where and when you want it

The effective tools I have learnt have enabled me to continue moving forward, rather than getting mentally 'stuck' in time

What are the benefits of doing PSN?

  • More confidence and greater self-esteem
  • Live and work more effectively
  • Increased self awareness and understanding
  • Peer support that is free to use for the rest of your life
  • Access to a network of PSN trained people

I can highly recommend to everyone and anyone that PSN is very valuable

Ready to take the next step?

View our PSN course page for further information about the courses, tatsrers and bookings.
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