Our Campaign

Counselling can help change lives – large or small your donation can help us to support more people - Support Our Campaign today.

Every penny raised helps us to make Suffolk the best place in the world to talk about and take care of mental health. A crucial part of that is being there to support people that might otherwise be unable to access services at a time when they most need help.

Before I started my counselling sessions I did not believe that counselling would make the difference that it has made to my life. It has helped me to start talking about my own feelings without the fear of being judged.

More and more people recognise that ‘talking therapy’ in the form of counselling can really help them to overcome difficulties, cope better with change and generally feel happier in themselves.   

Healthy Minds Counselling

We believe everyone should have access to counselling when they need it – regardless of ability to pay. That’s why we’ve set up a ‘bursary fund’ to make counselling, or talking therapy, affordable to everyone.

Our Healthy Mind Counselling service has low waiting times, enabling people to access support when they need it. By donating today, or raising money for Suffolk Mind, you can help more people who cannot meet the full cost of counselling themselves. 

How can you help?

  • 20 will subsidise a counselling session for one person.
  • 120 will subsidise a six-session course of counselling, which is often the support someone will need to start making a life that works for them.
  • 500 will enable us to provide fully-funded trauma therapy to someone with particularly serious needs.
All help is appreciated, no amount is too small.

How to donate

  • The simplest way is to make a donation direct to our campaign link or via our website – please use HMC (Healthy Minds Counselling) as the reference.
  • You can also send a cheque made out to Suffolk Mind. Just write “FREEPOST Suffolk Mind” on the envelope, there is no need for a stamp.  Please include your name and contact details so we can write and acknowledge your support, and reference HMC (Healthy Minds Counselling).
If you have any questions or suggestions for other ways you can help support us please do get in touch: email, fundraising@suffolkmind.org.uk or call 01394 330823

Thank you so much for supporting our campaign.


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