A Celebration of Peer Support in Suffolk!

Suffolk event will celebrate success of National project to improve wellbeing through peer support

Suffolk was one of nine areas across England awarded grant funding, as part of a nationwide pilot scheme called Side by Side.  The pilot Side by Side was set-up by Mind, in partnership with Bipolar UK and Depression Alliance with the aim to increase access to peer support.

Peer support is the name used to describe support given and received on an equal basis, by people who share something in common. For mental health problems this can include befriending, mentoring and support groups or forums.

Events across the Country this month will celebrate the success of the project and present the evidence of its effectiveness in improving the lives of people experiencing mental health problems, and increasing the availability and quality of peer support activities that people can access. 

The Suffolk event on Tuesday 23 May, held at Quay Place Wellbeing and Heritage Centre, brings together existing groups that have grown and developed as a direct result of the project, and those that are newly established having benefited from advice and support received. 

Suffolk Mind’s CEO Jon Neal will present the findings and evidence of the impact the project has had on participant’s wellbeing, and also talk about the positive impact on local needs and services that can result from working together.  

The event is also an opportunity for members of the public to find out more about peer support, activities and groups they can get involved in, and gain advice on setting up a community group.

For more information about the event or the support available from Suffolk Mind contact christina.perea@suffolkmind.org.uk

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