A week long event supporting Dementia Awareness Week

The week long event in support of Dementia Awareness Week event is being held at Quay Place in Ipswich.

‘Quay Place offers the perfect setting for this event, as well as being accessible and centrally located it is also a space which is warm and welcoming which will help to provide the right atmosphere for those taking part’ said event organiser David Jay.

People affected by dementia still need opportunities to express what they have done with their life. A range of activities and props from the past hope to stimulate memories and spur conversations promoting self-worth and confidence. 

Amongst those present will be Suffolk Museums with their Open The Doors cabinets, Suffolk Artlink with their Cube films created by young and old participants, Dean Parkin showing how words can be used creatively, ActivLives with their “Keep on Rocking” singing group and Boccia, Heather Edwards from Music Mirrors and how to create your own memory resource and David Jay from Alpha Films screening films of days gone by made with Sue Ryder and Suffolk Age UK groups.

In addition the East of England Coop will display a vintage shop front, an old till and currency, recalling memories of shopping and the old ‘divi’ card.

General dementia advice, support and information will also be available.

Free to attend with something for everyone.

The event starts 10.00 a.m. on Monday 15th to Saturday 20th May for the full timetable click here.

Contact David Jay on 01473 328283 or email info@alphafilms.co.uk for more information.


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