What needs are we feeding?

Each month at Quay Place we have a different theme which relates to an emotional need.  Just as we have physical needs for food, drink, sleep and movement, we have emotional needs too which need to be met for us to stay well. 

What we eat and drink can significantly affect our emotional wellbeing. Eating the right foods with the right nutrition is good for both our physical and emotional health, but of course many of us resort to fats and sugars to lift our mood when we feel lonely, stressed, bored or anxious. Likewise, what we drink and how much we drink is important too; caffeine can give us a lift in the morning, but too much can negatively affect sleep and trigger anxiety; alcohol can be pleasant in small amounts, but depending on it to handle difficult feelings can lead to addiction. 

This April we will be exploring the relationship between food, drink and emotional wellbeing in our free information session.

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