Our mission and values

Suffolk Mind is affiliated to Mind National and is committed to improving the lives of people with mental health issues.

Our Mission

Mental wellbeing for all.

Our Vision

To be a forward thinking, needs-led, evidence driven sustainable charity that promotes and protects mental wellbeing for all, providing a range of innovative services and programmes.

Our Values - we are

  • Approachable and open-minded        
  • Responsive and creative
  • Positive and professional
  • Independent and quality driven

We commit to

  • Speaking out for mental wellbeing
  • Working in partnership
  • Valuing the individual
  • Excellence in all that we do

Our Core Aims are 

  • To provide a range of high quality services to support the improvement and maintenance of people's mental wellbeing; creating a positive outcome for our clients and those who support them.
  • To innovate and pioneer new services and models to meet identified needs; ensuring our services are effective, sustainable and financially viable.
  • To speak out for and raise awareness of mental wellbeing as an independent voice; demonstrating the important role we play in supporting the mental wellbeing of all.
  • To ensure we are a viable and sustainable charitable organisation underpinned by strong governance; positively embracing new opportunities and creating partnerships and income streams that further our mission.
  • To provide a healthy working culture for our people; so that they are motivated, valued and equipped with the skills necessary to deliver our vision.


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